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Here at Magic Makers we do things just a little bit different. Fun times to be had can all start here with the right costume and accessories. Make your first choice of RETAIL or RENTAL and we can continue from there!

The rental department has over 10,000 unique costumes ranging from cavemen to astronauts. They represent areas such as US history, Career, International Fashions, Animals, Theatrical Shows and Fairy Tales. All are handmade by our talented seamstress after the costume idea/request has gone through several stages of research and study.

Store Closing
Store Closing
After 36 years we are closing our doors. Everything must go! Retail merchandise is discounted up to 75%. Most rental costumes are now available for sale @ only 2X the rental fee. Special mascots for sale @ $400 or less.

Quintessential Halloween costumes and accessories

There's always an excuse to dress up, even if it's not Halloween. Costumes and accessories of all kinds can be found in our huge inventory. With options numbered in the thousands from over 100 different vendors, the Costume Supply House should have the garb you're looking for. We have been providing the Huntington, West Virginia area for years with our wide selection of playful wardrobe and trim. Parents love us because we are one of the few places around on-line that carry childrens Halloween costumes. Party goers and fun seekers never have trouble finding mystifying masquerade masks at our store. And for the sports fan, we have plenty of school mascot costumes in stock. It is our goal to provide you with a fun, easygoing retail experience. That's why we have implemented one of the most lenient return policies you'll find anywhere. If something catches your eye for an event further down the road, you can always reserve it for that date; such is the way we do business at the Costume Supply House. For more information about the expansive selection under our roof, come and visit us today!