Mascots for Sale

This Section is Currently Under Construction. If you do not see what you are looking for please go to for a complete listing. Thank You!

So you think your ready for a walking mascot? Alright! We have hundreds to choose from and with customazation options ( when purchasing only ) the limits are endless. We have seperated our large friends by catagories of the alphabet. You will need to look under the 'FIRST LETTER' of the name of the character your after. If your trying to find a turkey for your Turkey T-Ballers, then look under 'T'. Even if you want to borrow a mascot that has been premade then you still need to look under the first letter of the chracter your looking for. Say you want to impress your sweetheart on Valentines Day and dress like a heart, look under 'H'. If you do find yourself in a bind feel free to contact us by phone or email and we will help you out.

Customization options are explained on the retail page of mascots. We have mascot accessories that include storage trunks, sunglasses, hats, cleaning instructions and cooling pads. The shipping prices for mascots vary from the usual retail and rentals pricing so please check out the SHIPPING page. We do have some famous faces amoung our mascots that can be seen around the United States and you can view them in our Famous Mascots Gallery. They were purchased and customized for the particular institution, no rentals available for any of them. We DO NOT rent liscensed names- Barney, Dora, Mickey Mouse, Clifford, Blimpie, ect.  Some version might be available for sale if we have acquired the copyrights to do so, otherwise we do not sale them. Sit back and have a good look around at our world of mascots and let us know if you need anything. Thank you!

You can find kold vest packs, storage containers, and seasonal clothing for your mascot.
Come and sit a spell in our Mascot Museum. You might be surprised where our mascots have sprung up!
Here you can browse our template mascots and then customize it for your own team or business needs.